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Laojia Form  Part One 

The first two videos show the whole of Part 1 of the Laojia Form, viewed from front and back. The second set of videos break down the form into numbered patterns as devised by Chen Ziquan and taught by Tom Collingridge and Helen Kingdon at Exeter School of Tai chi Chuan

1 & 2 Step to Wuji and Buddha's Warrior Pounds Mortar

First Five Patterns Reviewed - Step to Wuji to Single Whip

3 Lazily Ties the Coat

4 & 5 Six Sealing Four Closing and Single Whip

6 & 7 Buddha's Warrior Pounds Mortar and White Crane Spreads its Wings

8 Move Sideways

9.Brush Knee

14, Hidden Right Punch

10. Step Forward

15. Buddha's Warrior Pounds Mortar

Patterns 8-13

16. Fist Draping Over Body

17. Green Dragon Comes out of the Water

18. Double Push Hands

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