About Ninja Granny

Hello, I am Kath Revell, aka Ninja Granny, and I am a chen style Tai chi and Qigong instructor living in Liskeard, Cornwall. Ninja Granny is the name given to me by some kids in Westbourne Park when I was practising and somehow it seemed to stick.


I have been practising Taichi for more than 25 years. I started in Plymouth with John Pollex, whose teacher was Gerda Geddes, doing Yang style 24 form. Then I was taught by Master Xong Di, who  taught me the Yang style 85 form and Chen style 36 form. Over the years I have studied with many teachers, including Rose Oliver from the Double Dragon Alliance who brings Yang style masters such as Master Wong from Shanghai once a year. 


Now I am studying Chen style Tai chi with Karel and Eva Koskuba from the Chinese Internal Arts Association (CIAA) and have completed their Instructors course. We go on Tai chi intensive retreats in Oxford and Reading, where we train for 9 hours a day. They are directly linked to Master Chen Xiao Wang from Chen Village, Henan Province, China, who is the current chen style Grandmaster. This video shows him doing the complete form that we study, which is called the Chen style Laojia form. 



At the Carmelite Retreat Centre with members of 

Exeter School of Tai chi Chuan.

My teacher, Karel Koskuba from CIAA, demonstrating broad sword form at Carmelite Retreat Centre, Oxford, 2016

My teacher, Eva Koskuba, helping me with the chen style fan form, which she created. At Carmelite Retreat Centre, 2016


Members of Exeter School of Tai chi Chuan at Carmelite Retreat Centre, 2015


Kath Revell



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Member of Tai chi Union for Great Britain

Member of Chinese Internal Arts Assocation

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