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Laojia Form
Part Two

The videos above show the whole of part 2 of the Laojia Form, seen from the front and back. The videos below show each of the patterns broken down into postures, shown from the front and back and some are shown in mirror image. 

19 Fist Under Elbow

20. Step Back and Whirl Arms

21 & 22. White Crane & Move Sideways

23. Flash the Back

,24, 25, 26. Hidden Right Punch, Six Sealing,
Single Whip

27. Wave Hands Like Clouds

28. High Pat on Horse

29, 30. Brush Right Knee, Brush Left Knee

31. Left Heel Kick

32 & 33. Step Forward and Punch the Ground

34. Turn and Double Raised Kick

35. Fist Protecting Heart

36. Tornado Kick

37 & 38. Right Heel Kick & Hidden Right Punch

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