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Member of Tai chi Union for Great Britain

Member of Chinese Internal Arts Assocation

Clinical Somatic Education

Clinical Somatic Education

Can be a good place to start or a way of deepening your own practice of somatics.


One to one sessions in Clinical Somatic Education give you the opportunity to explore your own areas of sensory motor amnesia

Thomas Hanna's three stress reflexes have corresponding clinical somatics protocols to explore the red light, green light and trauma reflexes as they show up in your own soma.

Somatic experience where you focus and pay close attention to the releasing of your own muscles. Profound changes to your movement patterns. Let go of old habits and replace them with new, more helpful ones.

Hands on feedback helps you identify exactly where you are holding on and helps you feel the process of releasing.

New tools to undo your own pain-inducing habits.

Complements the movement classes - gradual, incremental improvement through practice. Layers of an onion. 

Six sessions recommended - one for each protocol, then three more to explore the protocol on the other side and to do extremity work. Come away with full repertoire of somatic movements to practise daily. 

Work from centre to periphery, unlocking the centre. Gradual process. 

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