Online classes: 40 mins

Mondays 10am Tai chi (short form)

Tuesdays 11am Qigong/Bagua

Tuesdays 12.15pm Somatics

Wednesdays 7pm Tai chi (long form, part 2)

Thursdays 9.45am Tai chi (long form part 1&2)


All last 40 minutes. All classes are open to everyone.


How to Join: Email and I will give  you the ID codes and passwords for the classes.

Outdoor classes: 1 hour

Sundays 11am

Tai chi Westbourne Gardens, Liskeard

Indoor classes: 1 hour
Wednesdays 2.30pm Tai chi, Upton Cross Village Hall
(from 8th September) Wednesdays 10am Qigong & Bagua, Liskerrett Centre, Liskeard
(from 8th September) Wednesdays 11.15am Somatics, Liskerrett Centre, Liskeard


Indoor classes: £7

Online & Outdoor classes: £5

Reductions for multiple classes:

2 x £5 classes = £8

3 x £5 classes = £10

4 x £5 classes = £12

1 x £7 + 1 x £5 class = £10

2 x £5 + 1 x £7 class = £12

Unlimited classes £15 per week

What to Expect


Qigong: Simple, gentle, slow, flowing movements, co-ordinating with the breath. We practise Five Animals Qigong, Five Daoist Exercises, Dragon Plays with a Pearl, Da Wu or Great Dance and a stretching exercise called "Shen Jin Ba Gu". for more information please visit the Qigong page.


Somatics: Subtle, controlled, slow movements that connect your centre to your periphery and help you to release muscular tension. Most of the movements are done lying on the floor so you need a mat. For more information visit the Somatics and Clinical Somatics pages.


Tai chi: Slow, flowing sequences that are martial in origin. We practise Chen styled Tai chi, the oldest style of Tai chi, and are studying the Laojia form. We do silk reeling exercises as a warm up and work on one or two patterns per session. For more information visit the Tai chi page.


Bagua: this is a form of Tai chi performed walking in a circle. It is very good for balance and co-ordination. The positions and movements are flowing and graceful, with names such as "sparrow hawk soars into the sky" and "white snake coils in the grass", based on animal movements. It is completely symmetrical. For more information visit the Bagua page. 

Weekly timetable from 8th September

Mondays 10am Online

Tai chi (short form)


Tuesdays 11am Online

Qigong and Bagua


Tuesdays 12.15 Online



Wednesdays 10-11am at Liskerrett Centre, Liskeard

Qigong and Bagua

Wednesdays 11.15 - 12.15 at Liskerrett Centre, Liskeard


Wednesdays 2-3pm at Upton Cross Village Hall, PL14 5AN

Tai chi (long form) and Bagua


Wednesdays 7pm Online

Tai chi (long form)

Thursdays 9.45am Online

Tai chi (long form)