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Member of Tai chi Union for Great Britain

Member of Chinese Internal Arts Assocation


Have a look at my Youtube channel Ninja Granny Tai chi 

Hello and welcome. I am Kath Revell, aka Ninja Granny, and I live in Liskeard, Cornwall. I love tai chi and I often practise outside in the park, or at the beach, in the woods, or where ever there is a flat and large enough space. 


I am a member of the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain and train with the Chinese Internal Arts Association (CIAA). My teachers are Karel and Eva Koskuba. Their teacher is Master Chen Xiao Wang, the 19th Chen Style Grandmaster. I also train with Tom and Helen at the Exeter School of Tai chi Chuan.


I am currently studying with Martha Peterson of Essential Somatics on the three year Clinical Somatic Education professional training programme. 















Ninja Granny Youtube Channel - Tai chi by Numbers

"Tai chi by Numbers" gives step by step instructions for each pattern of the Laojia form, broken down into numbered postures. The above clip shows the very end of the form, filmed at Kingsand Village Hall Community Garden. 

      New Class!!

St Keyne Village hall

Mondays 10-11am

Starting 24th Feb


What people have said...

Next Somatics Workshop

Space to Move Plymouth

23rd February 2-4pm. Tickets available here

"What has been very beneficial to me is the improvement I have found in my hips. My arthritis is greatly improved since starting Tai chi to the extent that I was considering surgery a few months ago and now do not need it".




"It is a lovely class with no pressure and everyone is very friendly".

"My GP is very happy I am doing Tai chi and I would fully recommend it, especially this class, to anyone at any age for relaxation, well-being and physical fitness".







All Welcome

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