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Hello and welcome. I am Kath Revell, aka Ninja Granny, and I live in Liskeard, Cornwall. I love tai chi and love to practise, especially outside. There are so many benefits to Tai chi, Qigong and Somatics - they are holistic, benefitting you on all levels - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  






The three main things I offer are:

Tai chi, chen style. I'm a member of the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain . My teachers are Karel and Eva Koskuba from the Chinese Internal Arts Association (CIAA). And Tom Collingridge and Helen Kingdon from the Exeter School of Tai chi Chuan



Sequences include Five Animals, Ba Duan Jin, Shen Jin Ba Gu, Yi Jin Jing and Da Wu. The online class on Monday evenings is thematic. I like to use movements and postures from Bagua as well.



I trained with Essential Somatics and teach weekly Somatics Movement Classes, in person and online. I also offer private Clinical Somatic Education sessions. 















Shen Jin Ba Gu

Shen Jin Ba Gu means "Lengthen the Ligaments, Open the Joints". This video shows the exercise from front and back view so you can follow. It doesn't take long to learn it for yourself. If you do it every day you will notice the improvement in your joints, especially your hips and shoulders. You will also find your strength and stamina increase.

This exercise was taught to me by Rose Oliver from the Double Dragon Alliance.

Can you follow this? 

This is the Bird from the Five Animals sequence.


Sundays 11am, Westbourne Park, Liskeard. 

All Welcome. Bring water to drink and come prepared for whatever the weather!




Wednesdays 10am Qigong 

Liskerrett Centre, Liskeard PL 14 4AP

Wednesdays 11.30 am Somatics

Liskerrett Centre, Liskeard PL 14 4AP


Wednesdays 2.30pm Tai chi and Fan Form

Upton Cross Village Hall, PL14 5AZ

Saturdays once a month 10am Tai chi, Bagua, Qigong

The Zone, Downderry






Sundays 11am Tai chi  FREE!!!

Westbourne Gardens, Liskeard PL 14 


Mondays 10am Tai chi 

Mondays 11.15am Somatics

Mondays 7.30pm Qigong

Wednesdays 7.30pm Tai chi 

All classes 45 minutes except Somatics, which is 1 hour. All classes are suitable for beginners. For more information look at the relevant pages. To book and join online classes or for more information please email or phone. 

07729 907056


I offer one-to-one sessions in Clinical Somatic Education  and in Qigong and Tai chi. Please email to enquire.

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What people have said...

"My GP is very happy I am doing Tai chi and I would fully recommend it, especially this class, to anyone at any age for relaxation, well-being and physical fitness".








"What has been very beneficial to me is the improvement I have found in my hips. My arthritis is greatly improved since starting Tai chi to the extent that I was considering surgery a few months ago and now do not need it".





"It is a lovely class with no pressure and everyone is very friendly".


"I'm doing really well, I've been keeping my practising going. My pain has 85 percent gone, I can't believe it. I'm not pushing too hard but I'm looking at trying to build some strength now so I've started swimming again. I am also standing better, my husband has noticed when I walk with him". 



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