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Member of Tai chi Union for Great Britain

Member of Chinese Internal Arts Assocation

Videos: Laojia form 

Part One

Laojia Form Part one

Patterns 1 & 2: Step to Wuji 

Buddha's Warrior Pounds Mortar

Pattern 4: Six Sealing Four Closing 

Pattern 3: Lazily Ties the Coat 

Pattern 5: Single Whip

Laojia Form Patterns 1-5 Front View

Laojia form Patterns 1-5 Back View

Pattern 6: Second Buddha Warrior 

Patterns 8 & 9: Move Sideways, Brush Knee 

Patterns 13 & 14:  Stepping Forward Three Times, Hidden Right Punch

Pattern 7: White Crane Spreads its Wings

Patterns 10, 11 & 12: Stepping Forward Three Times, Move Sideways, Brush Knee

Pattern 15: Third Buddha Warrior

Short Form Patterns 1-15

Pattern 16: Punch Draping Over Body

Patterns 17 & 18: Green Dragon Comes Out of the Water, Double Push Hands


Laojia Form Part One

Patterns 1-18, Front view

Laojia Form Part One

Patterns 1-18 rear view

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