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Shen jin ba gu 

Shen jin ba gu or Stretch ligaments open joints


Shen Jin Ba Gu means "Lengthen the ligaments, open the joints". It was taught to me in 2005 by Rose Oliver from the Double Dragon Alliance and I've been teaching it in my classes ever since. It's straightforward to learn, it has two parts. It takes about five minutes to do and if you do it every day you will notice the difference in your joints and in the strength of your legs. 


Below the images are from part two, which is repeated in both directions.


It ends with a slow walk round in a circle, hunched over, with the fists at the lower kwa (hip groove), then gradually straightening up as you go round. 


Here is a video of Shen Jin Ba Gu, shown from the front and back at the same time in the second part to make it easier to follow. Music by Ross Gunning.

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