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Do-in - Japanese self-tapping exercise

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

In this exercise you tap the pathways of your meridian channels, starting with the head and working down the body. The meridian system is the foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine. There are 6 pairs of meridians. Each pair relates to one of the five elements (water, tree, fire, earth and metal) and each pair comprises a yin and a yang meridian. The full list of meridian pairs is as follows:

Bladder (yang) and Kidney (yin) - water element

Gallbladder (yang) and Liver (yin) - tree element

Small Intestine (yang) and Heart (yin) - fire element

Triple Heater (yang) and Heart Protector (yin) - fire element

Stomach (yang) and Spleen (yin) - earth element

Large Intestine (yang) and Lung (yin) - metal element

How does it benefit you?

1. You can think of your meridian system like a network of rivers. Some get blocked and overflow, some get drained and go stagnant. Stimulating your meridian system by tapping balances your energies, unblocks any blockages and delivers energy from the overflowing areas to the depleted ones. In Japanese Shiatsu massage this is known as "Kyo/Jitsu" or "Empty/Full".

2. It warms you up - try it!

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